Mission and Values


Our goal is to guarantee the respect of the human dignity of migrants, refugees, foreigners, and to contribute to their empowerment and independence. Our mission is to promote and defend the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and other vulnerable groups on the territory of Bulgaria, by providing legal aid and conducting advocacy.

We provide pro bono legal consultations to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, as well representation in administrative and judicial proceedings at the national and European levels.

We provide free legal consultations and hold group information sessions for foreign nationals held in detention in Bulgaria.

We conduct advocacy campaigns and activities aimed at establishing institutional and judicial practices, as well as legislation, that are in accordance with international and European standards, and at changing of public attitudes.

We conduct research in the area of migration and migration policies and their implementation.

A guiding principle in our work is the supremacy of ALL human rights and the respect for them, and non-discrimination on the basis of nationality, religion, ethnicity, gender or other characteristics.

In carrying out our mission we are independent from any political, state, religious or corporate interests and influences.